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[Review] I have never been disappointed here

I have never been disappointed here. The cupcakes are great, moist and delicious. The service here is friendly and very helpful.

Erika A. - Stanton, CA
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[Review] Delicious cupcakes with caramel drizzle

Delicious cupcakes! I got a chocolate cupcake with sea salt and caramel drizzle for my husband and a lemon drop cupcake for myself. Very very good and great price!! Can t wait to go back!

Kara - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Variety of cupcakes!

Delicious.  Loved the variety!  Got them for my husband’s birthday, and he was quite pleased!  The Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt is amazing.

Morgan J. - La Habra, CA
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[Review] Amazing whipped mouse frosting

Patty s cupcakes are delicious! My favorite is the white coconut. I think what makes the cupcakes so delicious is the whipped mouse frosting. I just ordered cupcakes for an event and everyone loved them!

Michelle - Fullerton, CA

[Review] Excellent service!

Delicious cupcakes!! I went in there for a little treat for my husband’s birthday, the guy at the counter was so nice and helped me pick two of the best treats!! I got a chocolate cupcake with sea salt and drizzled in caramel for my husband and for me a lemon drop cupcake..oh my goodness was it good!! And when he told me the total my pocket book cheered!!

Excellent service, delicious treats and great prices!! I’ll definitely be back!

Kara G. - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Best cupcake in town!

My daughter and I are on a quest to find the best cupcake in town. Every time we try other bakeries, we end up coming back to Patty’s. We have never been disappointed and can’t wait to continue to make our way through the entire menu before we can say which one is our favorite. They are delicious, moist and perfect every time. The customer service is great, and we can’t wait to go back. Gotta say though, today’s butter pecan cupcake was amazing!

Kwok T. - Diamond Bar, CA
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[Review] Better than Sprinkles!

Cupcakes are delicious here! So moist and definitely better than the Sprinkles Cupcakes everyone talks about and is all hyped up about. Service is great as well. I told them, they need to definitely go on the Cupcake War show, cause it’s way good enough for it and the guy said the show has called them(and I believe him) but they denied it. In my opinion, if the show contacted them, you know the cupcakes are good (;

Jasmine B. - Diamond Bar, CA
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[Review] Loved this place and will be back again!

Story: It was my baby-daddy’s birthday, and I was in need of a cake.
Of course I waited to the last minute, day of his bday and still had no cake.
So I googled bakeries in my area and landed on this baby!

I couldn’t get a cake, bc they make them all fresh to order (awesome, but not for my time-crunch), so I got cupcakes! Probably much better than my cake search anyways!

I got Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Mousse, Chocolate with Chocolate Fudge, and White with Vanilla Mousse. All my favorite flavors!

Of course I had one of each flavor (maybe 2 of each…) and each one was so delicious! The frosting was not too sweet but still hit the sweet spot.

And I saw the cake balls which are almost the size of a baseball! They were huge!

Loved this place and will be back again!

Shannon F. - Huntington Beach, CA
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[Review] College Graduation Party!

I ordered a bunch of mini cupcakes to share with family and friends for my college graduation party. We got five different flavors, and they were a HUGE hit. Everyone absolutely loved them! All the cupcakes were super flavorful and amazingly moist. Service was also great so we had no issues at all putting in our order and picking up the little cupcakes the day of. Here are the cupcakes we got: – The Elvis – My personal favorite. I LOVE the banana cake and how it blends in perfectly with the peanut butter frosting and the bacon bits. I may be a bit biased since I’m a bacon fanatic, but I think I ate about five of these on my own during my own party, haha. – Chocolate Caramel Salty – I think this was the crowd favorite, since the guests cleared out all the cupcakes less than an hour after we put them out. – Butter Pecan – I really liked the apple and cream cheese! – Red velvet and cream cheese mousse – An old favorite – Chocolate/Raspberry mousse Overall, I would highly recommend someone to use Patty’s Cakes for any celebration. If anything, try out their mini or full sized cupcakes, they’re most definitely worth a taste!

Hannah Tan - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] So Good and Fresh!!!

The cupcakes were so good and fresh! I love having a good bakery near by!

Linds - Fullerton, CA
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