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[Review] This Is Where The Locals Go!

Love!!! Amazing!!! Please give your business to this place! Delicious cakes and the mousse they offer is so much better than typical frosting. Light, delicious, gluten free options if that floats your boat, and I like that they don’t keep the product up front to get stale in a case. This is my #1 cupcake spot. This is where the locals go.

Anon A. - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
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[Review] Both Regular and Gluten free, Both are Delicious!

“Patty’s cakes rocks!!”

I have ordered cupcakes from Patty’s Cakes three times now, and every experience is great!! I have had both regular and gluten- free. Both are delicious!!

auntamyluvsmany - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Was Surprised Right Away!

I came expecting the cupcakes to just be normal cupcakes and nothing special… I was wrong!! I got a butter pecan cupcake and was surprised right away!! That filling was so sweet and delicious I found myself eating the whole thing quickly! Im definitely coming back for more

Nunya B. - Buena Park, CA
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[Review] Delicious Cupcakes!

Delicious and moist cupcakes! So many yummy flavors!

Katie Devine Hallum - Orange County, CA
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[Review] Even with no upfront planning – made us top quality cupcakes

Even with no upfront planning – made us top quality cupcakes

We stopped there as a spur of the moment idea – cupcakes as an Easter treat!

We were very happy with their large selection of cakes and cupcakes that we could get off the shelf. What a delight – we will be back and might even plan it next time.

4BobFoust - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] These delicious and yummy treats were great!

We bought a half dozen cupcakes in a variety of flavors for my daughter’s birthday. Every single one was delicious! Moist cake with light fluffy frosting. My favorite was the red velvet but I seriously doubt you could go wrong with any of the flavors.
The option to order online and the yelp coupon made this an excellent deal.
Thank you for helping us celebrate a birthday with super yummy treats!

Janet C. - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Highly recommended; Very moist and Delicious cupcakes! -Long Beach, CA

Such moist, delicious cupcakes! I’ve done many cupcakes, mini cupcakes and special cakes. I highly recommend.

Mrs T. - Long Beach, CA
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[Review] Tons of wonderful compliments and delicious cupcakes! – San Francisco, CA

I have now used Patty’s cupcakes twice, and both times the cupcakes were delicious! Lots of wonderful complements from guests. Make it easy to order. Will definitely use again!

Diana B. - San Francisco, CA
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[Review] The customer service was beyond great!

It was true my first experience was not so pleasant, but I just had to update my review to five stars. The cupcakes tasted way better than I first tried it…it was true…they were delicious!
I regret saying I would go to Sprinkles…I’d have to admit, Patty’s cupcakes are much better. As the owner Philip had explained in the most respectful, and kind manner that I just happened to be there during their transition in the kitchen. And he had made a whole new order for my daughter’s birthday and even gave me some extra cupcakes to accommodate my previous experience.  The customer service here was beyond great! Thank you Patty’s cupcakes for making my kid’s birthday delightful! Now I have my own local favorite shop for desserts. My personal favorite is the red velvet. It was very moist with creamy fillings and frosting’s that leaves you no artificial taste in your mouth.

Jean C. - Buena Park, CA
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[Review] 480 cupcakes!!!

I ordered a large cupcake tower with 480 cupcakes from Patty’s cakes and everyone loved them! They arrived on time, setup quickly, and most importantly were delicious. The tower they have for rent is large and definitely makes a statement. The cupcakes are very large as well so you get a lot for what you pay for. I definitely recommend them for any large event!

Knottie1433952608 - Fullerton, CA
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