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[Review] Professional & very friendly staff

Best cupcakes ever!! I ordered cupcakes here for my engagement party, and I couldn’t have been more pleased. Professional & very friendly staff. I’m a sucker for anything lemon, and their *lemon drop* cupcake was Delish!!! They nailed it by adding an old school lemon head in the center. Very cute addition. You will not be disappointed.

Ty D. - Carson, CA
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[Review] Extraordinary experience!

This is way overdue and still wanted to share my experience with Patty and her creations. My now husband Jose and I got married May 24th, 2014. It truly was the wedding that we always wanted and more so with Patty’s awesome work. The whole experience was extraordinary and have nothing but great comments for her delicious cake great customer service. Before I found Patty, my husband and I went to several cake tastings in the OC area. Some were good but not the best. When we had a cake tasting with Patty, I could tell right away that she is such a sweet lady but most importantly, it was obvious that she had been in business for many years because of all of her great suggestions. It also helped that the price of the cake was right on budget! When my husband tried the cake (i have to add that he is very picky when it comes to sweets), he loved it and we knew that we had to hire Patty to make our fun and delicious cake. Like she promised, all the cake was gone after the wedding, which we have seen that in other weddings, the cake is wasted. Not ours! After the wedding, the cake was one of the things people would talk about. It was such a hit! Our flavors were, half chocolate, half lemon with a strawberry mousse and raspberry sauce. Truly delicious!

Sofia Figueroa
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[Review] Couldn’t have had my dream wedding cake without Patty’s Cakes!!!

I absolutely love Patty’s Cakes! Patty and Phillip are a pleasure to work with and I couldn’t have had my dream wedding cake without them! Not only was the cake pretty but it was tasty as well!! We had the lemon with raspberry filling and red velvet with choc chip filling!


PS must try their smores cakeballs! TO DIE FOR!

Aileen K. - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Matching colors for my wedding

I ordered my wedding cake from Patty’s cakes. I had lemon and white cake. Patty even made the lemon flavor purple to match my wedding colors! It was amazing. Even though my day flew and I barely got to eat any of this amazing cake, all my guests raved about how delicious and moist the cake was and the purple lemon was a pleasant surprise!

Patty and her staff are so easy to work with! She makes sure you get EXACTLY what you want on your special day. It is all about YOU! Her staff showed up right on time and set it up with ease and no stress! I would definitely recommend Patty and Patty’s Cakes for any occasion!


Lacy - Fullerton, CA

[Review] I love Patty’s Cakes!

A coworker brought me a Lemon Cake Ball from there last year and I have been quite conceited about where I get my confectioneries since then. All their treats are literally that – a TREAT! All cupcake flavors are available every day they are open and I’ve managed to celebrate coworkers’ birthdays thanks to my impromptu dashes to Patty’s Cakes. I <3 Patty’s Cakes!!!

Angela Barnes - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Decorations are very nice and price is average!

My husband researched and found Patty’s cakes. He got 20 cupcakes of variety flavors for my birthday. The decorations are very nice and price is average, not pricey. All their cupcakes have cream/frosty in the middle of the cupcake. I think this is their specialty. Their cream/frosty is definitely different from other places and worth a try. It’s not sweet and very creamy. My favorites have to be the lemon and banana. Red velvet is decent as well. There is a cupcake with bacon on top of the frosty. I wish I had a chance to try it but my friend that ate that one said it had a taste of banana with bacon on top. I would definitely come back and recommend this place.

Cindy N. - Santa Ana, CA
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[Review] Delicious lemon cupcakes!

delicious cupcakes! loved the lemon one!

Laura H. - Tustin, CA
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[Review] Very tasty sweets!

Very tasty sweets! I ordered a box (9) cake balls, trying all available flavors. The best ones, I would say, are the red velvet, German chocolate with almonds, lemon and s’mores. The cake balls are very moist, but not mushy. Sweet and rich, so cake balls are more fitting than having a cupcake if you want a sweet snack/dessert (a cupcake might equal a meal because they’re so filling.) I’ve heard nothing but praise when my guests enjoy some of Patty’s cakes.

In a small plaza of mostly closed businesses, it’s conveniently located on Commonwealth, and parking is a breeze to find. More affordable than other designer cupcakeries, but quality and customer service is still present.

Jessee A. - Santa Ana, CA
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[Review] Patty’s got me to love cake!!

I hate cakes, and when I say hate I mean really
dislike. Loathe is more appropriate. But this
place, Patty’s is the best! She got me to LOVE
cake!! Lemon & Banana cake balls rule! Had cup
cakes that rock and the Raspberry Chambord Lemon
cake is the one the changed my life from cake
hater to born again cake lover!

Ruben M. - Brea, CA
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[Review] Delicious lemon cake balls

I pass by this place so many times and finally went in. They were so nice and
friendly, it was about closing time and 3 other people came rushing in afraid they
were going to be closed, so I figured it must be popular. I love that they frost
the cupcakes for you while you wait, so cute. I tried one of their lemon cake
balls and it was so delicious!! I wish there cupcakes were a little bigger though,
they are just standard bake sale size, I wish they were like a big bakery size to
make they even more special. But still they are delicious!!


Christina - Sep 9, 2011
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