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[Review] I love Patty’s Cakes!

A coworker brought me a Lemon Cake Ball from there last year and I have been quite conceited about where I get my confectioneries since then. All their treats are literally that – a TREAT! All cupcake flavors are available every day they are open and I’ve managed to celebrate coworkers’ birthdays thanks to my impromptu dashes to Patty’s Cakes. I <3 Patty’s Cakes!!!

Angela Barnes - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Decorations are very nice and price is average!

My husband researched and found Patty’s cakes. He got 20 cupcakes of variety flavors for my birthday. The decorations are very nice and price is average, not pricey. All their cupcakes have cream/frosty in the middle of the cupcake. I think this is their specialty. Their cream/frosty is definitely different from other places and worth a try. It’s not sweet and very creamy. My favorites have to be the lemon and banana. Red velvet is decent as well. There is a cupcake with bacon on top of the frosty. I wish I had a chance to try it but my friend that ate that one said it had a taste of banana with bacon on top. I would definitely come back and recommend this place.

Cindy N. - Santa Ana, CA
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[Review] Delicious lemon cupcakes!

delicious cupcakes! loved the lemon one!

Laura H. - Tustin, CA
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[Review] Very tasty sweets!

Very tasty sweets! I ordered a box (9) cake balls, trying all available flavors. The best ones, I would say, are the red velvet, German chocolate with almonds, lemon and s’mores. The cake balls are very moist, but not mushy. Sweet and rich, so cake balls are more fitting than having a cupcake if you want a sweet snack/dessert (a cupcake might equal a meal because they’re so filling.) I’ve heard nothing but praise when my guests enjoy some of Patty’s cakes.

In a small plaza of mostly closed businesses, it’s conveniently located on Commonwealth, and parking is a breeze to find. More affordable than other designer cupcakeries, but quality and customer service is still present.

Jessee A. - Santa Ana, CA
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[Review] Patty’s got me to love cake!!

I hate cakes, and when I say hate I mean really
dislike. Loathe is more appropriate. But this
place, Patty’s is the best! She got me to LOVE
cake!! Lemon & Banana cake balls rule! Had cup
cakes that rock and the Raspberry Chambord Lemon
cake is the one the changed my life from cake
hater to born again cake lover!

Ruben M. - Brea, CA
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[Review] Delicious lemon cake balls

I pass by this place so many times and finally went in. They were so nice and
friendly, it was about closing time and 3 other people came rushing in afraid they
were going to be closed, so I figured it must be popular. I love that they frost
the cupcakes for you while you wait, so cute. I tried one of their lemon cake
balls and it was so delicious!! I wish there cupcakes were a little bigger though,
they are just standard bake sale size, I wish they were like a big bakery size to
make they even more special. But still they are delicious!!


Christina - Sep 9, 2011
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[Review] Interesting flavored cupcakes

Well I can say I have a favorite cupcake now. It is the Chocolate Caramel Salty! Chocolate cake with a fudge, caramel, and sea salt topping! Yes, sea salt! WOW! My daughter loves the red velvet with the vanilla topping. She is now also a fan of the caramel and sea salt. Thank you Patty! Thanks for the good customer service everytime as well. Oh and thanks for making that one Lemon Cake Ball for Tasha D a couple of weeks ago. She loved it!


5150 - Fullerton, CA
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Order Your Easter Decorated Cake Balls Today

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Easter Decorated Cake Balls

Easter Cake Ball flavors & colors

Color – Flavor
Purple – Chocolate
Green – German Chocolate with Almonds
Blue – Chocolate Chip
Orange – Banana
Yellow – Lemon
Pink – Red Velvet
Red – Red Velvet

Decorated in fun colors is what makes these Cake Balls the perfect Easter dessert. Place your order today. Available Friday April 6th and Saturday April 7th only. Pre-orders are highly recommended. A limited selection will be available for walk-in customers.

[Review] High quality ingredients, love, and care go into these cake balls

*****************OMGOSH!* *************************

Jerry Lee Lewis and ACDC!
What do they have in common with Patty Cakes? Yup, BALLS BALLS BALLS!
Who has the biggest great balls of fire? Patty Does!!

I will make this short and to the point.

~Cupcakes-(4 Stars)
Just my preference. I love the cakes. Great cakes. I am just not a fan of soft frosting. These are good cupcakes..just my preference. They have several choices. I had the Elvis (banana, peanut butter, bacon.) and a butter cream apple.

My little princess said her two favs were the same as mine, Smores and Chocolate Cake Balls.

~CAKE BALLS! (4.5 Stars)
High quality ingredients, love, and care go into these balls of fire.

SMORES (5 Stars): This one is the best. Firm casing and the softest and most moist cake ever in the inside. Perfectly textured. Perfectly created. 5 Stars.

Chocolate (5 Stars)-A close second. A definite for chocolate lovers. Darn Good!

Lemon (4 Stars)
Vibrant flavor. Same perfectly textured casing as the others with a very moist cake on the inside. 4 Stars.

Red Velvet (4 Stars)
Red Velvet is not my favorite in general. The cake ball here, however, makes me a fan. Unbelievably created.

Chocolate Chip-(3 Stars)
My least favorite. The taste wasn’t there for me and the cake was dry.

*****Bonus! ******
They make specialty cake balls for special occasions (Like Easter). You can call in orders. The place is cute and perfect for little girls. Everything is pink. They also sell hand made cards. Buy three cupcakes + mention yelp and get a free cupcake. Adding an additional half star for these great bonuses.  Rounding up to 5 Stars!

Patty Cake’s is in the corner next to Albertsons and the cleaners on the corner of Commonwealth and Raymond. I couldn’t find it at first.

4.5 Stars and rounding up!

Patty’s Cakes..Yup in the OC…another reason the OC is the best place to live!

Nick H. - Anaheim, CA
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[Review] OMG!! The cake balls were a HUGE hit!!

OMG!! The cake balls were a HUGE hit!! People were very excited to finally try one!! Lemon is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!! Sooo yummy!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

Christine Mattei - Yorba Linda, CA
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