[Review] Amazing and delicious cupcakes

DanaRose C. - Fullerton, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Well, the first time I did a review, it didn’t appear, so I will redo and add for the other cupcakes I got since. Last time was last week, I got the Pina Colada, with Coconut frosting, white cake with pineapple filling. Because I wanted to get the bus yet wanted to also eat, I ate outside (missed the first bus, anyhow), which I do not recommend on a windy day. My cupcake blew off the little table, but I ate it anyway (though lost my tiny decorative umbrella/parasol off my cupcake). Santa Ana winds are something to factor in! I enjoyed it a lot; have not been disappointed yet in flavor and moistness. I have not liked cupcakes from other places –they are too dry (Hapcake was OK, though didn’t really have a liquor flavor). I also liked the other cupcakes I’ve had at other times: when they could find my Yelp! review, the nice girl gave me a free cupcake anyway (and everytime lately, I get a buy one get one free coupon, which I had better use). That day I tried Lemon Razzle, because I wanted to taste lemon and raspberry together. That is a great combination, and the cream filling was just right. Before, the first time, I ordered white cake with Mint chip mousse, a favorite of mine and will have again. The texture and moistness and flavor of mousse frosting is outstanding. I also had cake balls –S’Mores was good and so was whatever else I had, but I like the cupcakes better because of the moistness. I also had another cupcake, Eclaire which was good too. I think I will try the peanut butter next, Neapolitan, banana split chocolate chipper and butter pecan.