[Review] 71st Birthday cake!!!

Lynne B. - Yorba Linda, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

My client had his 71st first birthday coming up and I had NO idea what to get him until my mother-in-law suggested a treat of some kind. I typed “treat, Fullerton” into Google and up came Patty’s Cakes.

I went to their beautiful website and learned that it’s best that you call ahead for more than six cupcakes in an order, so I did.

The lady that answered that phone was very nice and said she’s have my 18 cupcake order ready within the hour. When I arrived I explained to the lady (turns out it was Patty herself – talk about service!) behind the counter that I was worried that showing up with 18 cupcakes might be weird. The bakers box was probably the same size as and the six cupcakes would be rolling around and look cheezy; There are exactly 9 people that work in my clients office and I didn’t want anyone to feel left out. She explained that they had a different sized box that had a cardboard insert in it, she showed it to me and the cupcakes looked like they were on a little stage!

The cupcakes were just gorgeous little delights, so I ordered an extra one for my mother-in-law and my husband too! Another lady came out when a customer came in and asked me if I wanted a ribbon on the box (at no extra charge – UNHEARD of!!) she put a cupcake themed ribbon on the big box and a dark blue ribbon on the 6 pack. As she was wrapping the smaller box she said she would bring it out when she finished as I loaded the other in my car. I was too fast and when I got back in I heard the other customer say that it was their first time. I looked at Patty and the other lady and explained that it was my first time too. They were surprised as I called in the order and seemed like I had been there before. (I am pretty shy and they both made me feel so comfortable and welcome I felt like I had been there before too!) Patty’s assistant took both my hands in her’s and looked me in the eye as she said “Welcome and thank you for choosing us to be a part of this special celebration”.

I can’t rave enough about this place and how much everyone LOVED the cupcakes. My client said he had never had better!

Thank you Patty, for making me look good and giving my client a taste of just how important he is to me!

I will be back because I never did get a cupcake for myself, too many choices!