[Review] Amazing, fresh, light, and fluffy cupcakes!

Anna Sophia S. - Santa Ana, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

I am so lucky that my work meeting took me to the Fullerton area this past week! After the meeting, my coworker and I wanted to take a treat back to the office for the rest of the team and this location popped up as being close. My first experience was wonderful, my second experience cemented my opinion of this adorable shop as one of the best cupcakeries in Orange County.

First, they don’t actually have cupcakes on display as they frost them upon order! Amazing, fresh, light and fluffy, I cannot believe how awesome these delectable morsels are… we got plain vanilla with vanilla frosting, the Elvis (which was better than everyone expected), chocolate peanut butter, white cake with chocolate mousse, raspberry and chocolate, and chocolate potato chip which was the breakout star in both taste and presentation.

The cake texture was consistent across the board, light, airy but still moist and flavorful. The frosting was near perfection and is whipped to a cloud! I am definitely returning and bringing many more people!