[Review] Beautiful Cake for a Mother-in-law’s 87th Birthday

Ron and Diana Yates - Fullerton, CA - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

Patti gets an A+ for the beautiful cake we picked up for my mother-in-laws 87th birthday on Sunday. We have known her for years and she uses the best quality products to make a great tasting cake. It is her passion not only to make a wonderful cake, but to do her best to have it look just the way you would like it to, or even better. You can even eat the icing as it is not that greasy stuff that you have to scrap off in order to find the cake. I also had one of her white cake with lemon icing cupcakes and it was out of this world. Thanks Patti for sharing your talent. We wish you many more years of great success. Ron and Diana Yates