[Review] CAKE BALLS….Oh My Goodness

Adriane - Fountain Valley, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

“AMAZING CAKES and SWEETS!!!!!‎‎-  I was recently privileged enough to try Patty’s ‘CAKE BALLS’….oh my goodness. The most moist delicious cake with all different combination’s of chocolate and decorations. They were amazing, we had an entire plate and they were gone in SECONDS. A friend of ours who tried them is even contemplating having them served at her wedding. Cake balls aside, i’ve been lucky enough to taste a myriad of Patty’s baking (AND COOKING) over the years and it’s out of this world!!! She can make you anything you want and the cakes taste even 10 times better than they look. You will not be let down…GO PATTY CAKES OR GO HOME!!!‎”