[Review] Every cupcake is delicious!

T T. - Anaheim, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Price: Reasonable with Yelp offer
Taste: Mmmmm I want more
Service: Super friendly!

Go in, let the person know you’d like some cupcakes, and he’ll get you a checklist of what you want and they’ll frost it on the spot!

I ordered red velvet, peanut butter mousse w/chocolate cake, apple something, and something else. All four were delicious! I enjoyed how the cream was mousse-textured, not heavy frosting – my teeth are growing cavities as I’m eating it- status.

My parents still prefer the super light and fluffy asian cakes, but I really enjoy the more dense texture of the cake in the cupcakes. It adds more personality to them!

Keep some napkins with you, it gets kinda messy!

Will be back for sure.