[Review] First off, their customer service is excellent!

Christina C. - Cypress, CA - 4 Star rating via Yelp

“This place is hidden and it really shouldn’t be! I have to say, this place doesn’t look like much when you first walk up, but their cupcake and other desserts definitely make up for it. First off, their customer service is excellent! I was greeted right away by a super friendly lady who just seemed so happy to be there. She was very helpful when it came to deciding which cupcakes I should pick. It didn’t seem like she was trying to push something on me, she really wanted me to be happy. Second, a few other people came in afterward and while they were acknowledge they never forgot I had arrived first. That may sound a bit trivial, but sometimes when a business knows they will gain more profit off another customer, they tend to ignore the customer that came first, NOT Patty-Cakes.

I think I was able to order almost every cupcake! I used my Groupon, LOVE Groupon, so I got a good deal! I like their cupcakes, small little places like this need to be recognized for their work! =)”