[Review] Guests raved about how moist the cake was!

Angela H. - 5 Star rating via Yelp

If you’re planning to get married at Summit House, or anywhere in Orange County for that matter, look no further for your wedding cake! Patty’s Cakes are such professionals and their experience really shows! On the day of our wedding, they brought the cake in, set it up and was out. We wanted to thank them but they were such ninjas about it that we didn’t even see them leave! One moment the cake table was empty, the second, there was a three tier cake! We got so much grief from family about making sure the cake wasn’t too sweet and satisfied the asian palette, so we opted for white cake with raspberry filling and Bavarian custard, and chocolate with raspberry filling and Bavarian custard. Guests raved about how moist the cake was! Even our 84 year old grandma said she finished her slice of cake because it was that good! We’re also so glad that Philip (he helped us during the tasting) suggested that we go with a 3 tier cake. We went in thinking, no, don’t get anything bigger than a 2 tier, but he suggested going bigger because 1) it would compliment the floor to ceiling windows at Summit House and 2) it would fit the headcount anyways! Made our cake look even grander in photos and in person! Thank you so much Patty’s Cakes for being a part of our wedding and really delivering on everything that day!