[Review] I love that their cakes are super light and not super sweet.

Crystal L. - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Wow! I love the cake and cupcakes from here! When I was first searching for a place to get my wedding cake, I picked this place to try because it was one of the cheaper places that didn’t look like a cake you’d get from the market. I had my reservations because it seems like it was just a cupcake shop instead of a real bakery. But boy was I wrong! I’m really not a cake person but this is probably one of the best cakes I’ve ever tried. I love that their cakes are super light and not super sweet (I actually hate super sweet cakes). The banana flavor is the BEST (in my opinion) with their regular icing. The lemon flavor was also outstanding. All the other flavors- like chocolate, red velvet, etc were also delicious but banana and lemon is definitely the best. The cake was so amazing that we actually bought some more cupcakes when we went back to return the cupcake pillars used for our wedding cake. I’ve posted a pic of our wedding cake…the flowers on the cake were from our florist and the cake topper was from Etsy…I would definitely come back!