[Review] It was the best cupcake I have ever had.

Cheryl F. - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Omg, omg, omg. Now that I have wiped the chocolate icing off my mouth, I can provide a review. I went to Patty’s Cakes and Desserts for the first time last Friday. My fiancé and I wanted a little something sweet to mark something special, so we decided on a cupcake. When we entered, the bakery was very clean and absolutely adorable, with sweet treat signs all around. In the cases, our eyes were treated to cakes, cookies, and cake balls! We asked about the cupcakes too and found out that they are iced when they are ordered, so they are always freshly made. I ordered the eclair, which is a vanilla cupcake with a Bavarian filling and chocolate fudge icing. I’m just going to say it-it was the best cupcake I have ever had. My fiancé enjoyed the Oreo strawberry mousse cupcake, which was extraordinarily good as well. What a great experience! We can’t wait to go back.