[Review] The gluten free vanilla cake with Bavarian cream filling surpassed our expectations.

Anna G - 5 Star rating via The Knot

We chose Patty’s Cakes after looking at a couple options for our wedding cake, and we’re glad we did. The tasting was also a great experience for us to determine which flavors and cake types would fit our taste buds. We needed a gluten-free cake, and a conventional cake for delivery to our venue, and they made it happen without a hitch. The lemon raspberry was a hit with our guests, and the gluten free vanilla with Bavarian cream filling surpassed our expectations (you wouldn’t even have to tell someone it was gluten free). We elected for a simple ombré design on our two-layer cake, and it came through quite nicely from bottom to top. We’ve continued to go to Patty’s Cakes for other occasions as they have great cupcakes as well.