[Review] Their flavors are unique and the cupcakes are always moist.

M - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes is possibly one of the best bakeries I have ever been to. Their flavors are unique and the cupcakes are always moist. As someone who has had the whole menu, they are ALL delicious. It really comes down to preference.

Patty’s also has cake balls, cookies, and ice cream. I love the sugar cookie it’s very buttery, chewy, and delicious despite the abundant nonpareils on top (I’m not fond of sprinkles.) If you like Starbucks cake pops you’ll LOVE what they have here. The chocolate chip cake ball is something special. The only Ice cream flavors I’ve had are matcha and strawberry. The matcha is certainly good but not super impressive. Decent when you consider where it’s coming from. The strawberry is also good, much more mellow flavor.

I have never had a bad experience here however if something does happen they usually offer free ice cream and that is a very nice way to engage customers.

I greatly appreciate thorough and genuine customer service as I have worked as a customer service rep and understand how important it is to provide good service and Patty’s is the place for that. Not once have I had a bad interaction with the cashiers.

That being said the inside of the bakery is nicely decorated and always clean. It’s got a little playful flair and makes you excited to dig into your sweets like a kid! Overall, As someone who is very concerned about cleanliness, bang for your buck and DELICIOUS food Patty’s is the place!