[Review] We had The Honor Of Hiring Patty’s Cakes For Our Wedding Cake.

Christina P. - Anaheim, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

I always say the reviews never lie and its true!

We had the honor of hiring Patty’s cakes for our wedding cake. We found Patty and her team through our venue which was at Coyote Hills Golf Course. We went to two tastings – Patty’s cakes and another bakery nearby.

Patty’s cake by far dominated the competition. Patty was actually the person that helped us during the tasting and she was quite delightful! Her personality was super personable and we both thought she was the sweetest. I only see cake tastings on movies so doing one was such a fun little experience. Both my husband and I loved all the flavors…ultimately we picked the banana with the bavarian custard and red velvet with cream cheese.

I also ended up getting my bridal shower cake prior to the wedding and some work cupcakes for a special occasion.

The day of the wedding, the cake got their on time and all our guests enjoyed it! I would highly recommend Patty’s cakes to anyone getting married or anyone just looking for a delicious moist cupcake/cake!