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[Review] Amazing 1st Birthday!

Michelle F. - Irvine, CA - via Yelp

Since my favorite bakery, Black Forest Bakery in Lake Forest, shut down, I was roaming the world cake less and had managed to throw two parties sans cake because I could not fathom to serve average cake. Thank my lucky stars I found Patty’s Cakes! A friend had used them for her wedding cake, which I thought tasted so fresh and delightful, I thought I would give it a shot!

I went in to order a birthday cake about ten days before the event. I was told they might be a bit busy, but they checked and said they could do it. Yay! Going through their computer of past cake designs was easy and I was able to create a design that I wanted for my daughter’s first birthday cake. How exciting!

Checked-in with the Yelp deal for a free cupcake or cake ball, and Philip talked me into taking advantage of their buy one get one 1/2 off cake ball deal. So I walked away with two cupcakes and four cake balls. OH…EM…GEE…these cake balls. I can’t even begin to tell you how good they are…but I will try. First of all, I ate all four of them, intending to share, but didn’t. These are densely packed little balls of cake with amazing flavor! I describe them as being like Starbucks cake pops, but about ten times better! They are amazing! The four flavors I had were the Red Velvet, Smores, Banana, and Lemon. My favorite was definitely the Smores, but I’d say the other three were a close tie! YUM! The cupcakes were opposite in density. They were light and fluffy, but equally tasty. Being the cake balls were easier to eat, I would go for those again. I would drive 37 minutes just to get those cake balls! Okay, maybe not, but if in the area…would put on the stop list!

The Birthday Cake was amazing! It was more beautiful than I expected it to be! It even had sparkles…yay! The flavors I chose were red velvet with chocolate chip mousse and apple spice with cream cheese. Both layers were so amazing, light and fluffy, flavorful and not too sweet. They even threw in a mini smash cake for free for the first birthday. That cake was vanilla with whipped cream. Since my daughter didn’t smash it, she was very gingerly, I ended up eating it! I think it was the best of the three flavors! Yum!

We received so many compliments on the cake. I am looking forward to the next party and the next cake from Patty’s!

An adorable photo of Natalia’s first birthday cake

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Just in from a customer.┬áTake a look at this adorable photo. Natalia’s first birthday.

Natalia's First Birthday Cake

The flavors are white cake with raspberry and vanilla bavarian custard filling.
A white and pink polka dot birthday cake.

[Review] Patty’s Cakes made my son’s 1st birthday cake an absolute hit!

Diobel C. - Placentia, CA - via Yelp

My fiance’s grandmother recommended this place to me and bought my fiance and I two cupcakes – the red velvet and the peanut butter. Both were amazing! We decided that this would be the place to get our son’s birthday cake.

When we got to Patty’s cake, the gentleman at the front counter was absolutely engaged and had a great attitude. When I told him how soon our son’s party was, he ran to the back to ensure that they could fit us in, and I’m so glad that they could. I also gave them the artistic freedom to do whatever they wanted with the cake but I did give them the firefighter theme.

Patty’s Cakes made my son’s 1st birthday an absolute hit! We ordered the banana cake with bavarian chocolate filling and fresh bananas. It was absolutely amazing. EVERYONE loved the cake. It was moist and the chocolate was not too sweet. The artwork was also soooooooo cute!

The price also included a “smash” cake for my son. He ate HALF! We totally had to give him a bath and bring him back to the party but it was so worth it. He was running around like crazy all night, too.

I will definitely be coming back to Patty’s Cakes!!

[Review] Daughter’s First Birthday Cake

KAMAL - Orange County, CA - via Google Reviews

“Hi! Patty Thanks you very much for your wonderful cake that you had made for our daughter’s first birthday party. Your cake was really awesome. Everybody likes your cake. Thank you very much for your excellent service. Your cake is really awesome. Actually i mess up cake while taking home and i called patty and she made again without no charge for short period of time.”

[Review] Adorable 1st Birthday Cake

Christa G. - Mission Viejo, CA - via Email

“The whinnie the pooh cake was adorable for my daughter’s 1st birthday!!”

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