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[Review] Chocolate Cake with Mini Cupcakes

Gina N. - Las Vegas, NV - via Yelp

Everyone loved the cake. Their sizes were great for the number of guests. We got a chocolate cake (we usually aren’t fans of chocolate cake but this wasn’t too sweet or dense), with a cream cheese and raspberry filling. We also got the mini cupcakes which were bigger than I expected. I loved everything except for the chocolate eclair (way too sweet) I’m posting pics. Please ignore the dent in the cake I accidentally ruined in with my nails while putting the flowers in.

[Review] Delicious Rustic Wedding Cake

Tammy B. - Placentia, CA - via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes made my wedding cake for my wedding on June 23, 2018. Patty was so sweet and so cheerful every time I came in, and my husband and I loved working with her! The cake was delicious. Our top layer was chocolate with mint and chip filling. The chocolate was rich and not too dense, and it went perfectly with the fluffy icing and filling!! Our bottom tiers were funfetti layered with lemon, with a fresh raspberry and cream cheese filling. The lemon was scrumptious and didn’t leave a weird aftertaste. I loved the icing on the cake. I hate buttercream and fondant more than anything, so I was super excited to find a place that didn’t use either! Also, the rustic decor of the cake suited our backyard “enchanted forest” perfectly!! It was even beautiful after our ring bearer swiped some frosting!! I will always come back to Patty’s Cakes for any occasion. It was the best experience!!

[Review] We loved the cake and the mouse on the cupcakes!- La Habra, CA

Jennifer B. - La Habra, CA - via Yelp

I wanted to try this place because of the reviews. I’m planning 2 party’s and want to find great cakes for a reasonable price. I bought some cupcakes for me and my family to try. We loved the cake and the mouse on the cupcakes. My
favorites are the chocolate chip mouse and the peanut butter mouse. I will definitely be back to order all future cakes.





[Review] The Joy And Fun We Had Cutting Into Our Chocolate Wedding Cake

Pam and Jeff C. - Placentia, CA - via Snail Mail

“Recently my husband & I celebrated our 1 year anniversary, June, 1988.  I have to share with you the joy and fun we had cutting into our chocolate wedding cake (top layer), one year later. The cake and filling were as fresh as the day you made it!  We had my mom put it in her deep freeze. The hotel wrapped it up good, and a gardenia was wrapped up with the cake, and do you know the gardenia was sweet smelling and perfectly preserved.  We shared the cake with family, and your cake, again, got rave reviews!  You do a wonderful job, and I recommend you highly (as you know).  Thank you again for making our wedding day and one year later a tasty treat!  Cheers to you!”

Baby’s first birthday cake ideas

at 4:58 PM by

Need ideas for a 1st birthday cake for an upcoming party? Here are a few 1st birthday cake’s we have created recently.

The first cake is yellow with a blue dinosaur for a little boy. The cake was decorated to match the invitation. It was a smaller cake, made to serve 15 people. It’s flavor was white cake with raspberry & bavarian custard filling.

1st birthday cake dinosaur

1st birthday cake

The second 1st Birthday cake was for little girl in Yorba Linda, CA. Round with a pink and white colored outside, and a red velvet with cream cheese filling inside.

First birthday cake pink and round

Pink first birthday cake

This first birthday cake was chocolate with cookies ‘n cream filling for a party in Brea, CA. Decorated with a monkey theme complete with  bananas and green plants this cake was sure to be a hit.

Monkey themed first birthday cake

Monkey themed 1st birthday cake

Bigger than a cupcake yet smaller than a dessert cake these birthday cakes are the perfect size any baby’s first birthday. Pink and blue with a simple design these cakes are ready to be eaten, thrown, and dismantled by little hands. After all what fun is eating cake with a fork?

First 1st birthday mini cakes

Mini first birthday cakes

Holy Sheet Cake!

at 10:24 AM by
This third sheet cake was for the celebration of a First Holy Communion and Confirmation completed at St. Juliana Catholic Church in Fullerton, CA. The cake flavor was white and chocolate marble with cookies ‘n cream filling, topped with beautiful flowers made from icing.

First Holy Communion and Confirmation cake

La Mirada Wedding Cake

at 9:50 AM by

This traditional 3-tier, white wedding cake was delivered to Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church in La Mirada, CA. We positioned it on a gorgeous stand, raised high on pillars, opening plenty of space for fresh flowers.  From the bottom-up the flavors consisted of chocolate with chocolate mousse filling, followed by applesauce spice with cream cheese in the middle, and red velvet with cream cheese filling on the top layer.

Gorgeous Stacked Wedding Cake

at 9:13 AM by
This past weekend, we delivered this gorgeous, 4-tier, stacked wedding cake to Strawberry Farms Golf Course in Irvine, CA. Like a kid in a candy store, the bride wanted more than one flavor baked into her wedding cake. We divided each cake layer into two flavors; The top 2 layers were white chocolate marble and red velvet with cream filling. The third layer to follow was lemon and chocolate with cream filling, and the bottom was chocolate marble and red velvet with a filling of bavarian custard. 

Wedding Cake

[Review] A 5 Star Review For Two Graduation Cakes

Queenbrvd - Fullerton, CA - via Google Reviews

“I recently had a graduation party for my son, he is very picky so when I asked him what flavor cake he wanted his answer was: “Just plain marble cake Mom!” When my husband heard this he said no way, it has to be a chocolate cake with custard and fresh bananas!! I ordered the two cakes and had none left by the end of the party! We are going to Vegas this weekend for my daughter’s 21st and she said “Wouldn’t it be great if I could have that chocolate cake for my party in Vegas”, so once again I called my favorite cake lady and wahla a chocolate cake with custard and fresh bananas will be traveling with us!!!!!‎”

Servite Graduation Cake


Servite Graduation Cake

Tea Party Cake for a 13th Birthday

at 9:57 AM by

Alice and her friends aren’t the only ones that have tea parties these days. This 1/4-sheet chocolate cake was baked for a 13th birthday/tea party in Fullerton, CA. Complete with a teapot,  cups, and cookies-this cake was a hit from the moment they saw it.  It looks like, with the right creativity, a Wonderland tea party can occur wherever, whenever you want it. =)

Tea Party Birthday Cake

Tea Party Birthday Cake

Tea Party Birthday Cake

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