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[Review] Elvis was a huge hit

Carolina N. - Hawaiian Gardens, CA - via Google Reviews

So I bought a dozen cupcakes today for my friends
at work, and they were so delicious! I have always
wanted to go to a cupcake shop, and thankfully
yelp reviewers were right in recommending this
place! I ordered the Elvis, gingerbread, pumpkin,
and red velvet with chocolate chip frosting. When
one of my friends saw the box of cupcakes, he
immediately said “Mmm, no I won’t eat any. I don’t
like how much frosting the cupcakes have…” But
as soon as I described how delicious the Elvis was
to him (but especially the banana bread), he
decided to try it. AND he even ate all the peanut
butter frosting, which he never does apparently.
That’s gotta say something! Anyway, the cupcakes
were very moist and the service was awesome, and
the girl was so warm and helpful in my deciding
which flavors to buy, since I was kinda very lost

[Review] Blown away by the amazing cupcakes

Diana N. - Garden Grove, CA - via Yelp

Here’s how you do it at Patty’s Cakes…You go in, check-in using your yelp app, get excited b/c by checking in you get a free cupcake when you buy 3, wait for your turn, order the cupcakes (you get to pick the cake and the whipped topping), wait for them to make them (they cakes are pre-made, they just add the whipped topping while you wait), pay for the cupcakes, walk casually to your car, furiously shovel 2 cupcakes (the cakes are moist, light and fluffy, the topping, like the cake, is light, fluffy, generous and in short GENIUS) into your mouth.
After brushing the crumbs off your face and clothes, you go back in and order 2 more (to replace the 2 that “mysteriously (that’s right, MYSTERIOUSLY) disappeared) so that no one will be suspicious to why there are only 2 when there should be 4…

I can’t recommend enough the vanilla cupcake (or chocolate cake) with the Chambord topping… OMG… Cupcake heaven! The apple pie, the Elvis, the peanut butter topping, the chocolate topping… Dammit, everything is AMAZING!!! I want 2 cupcakes now… I mean, one… I want one cupcake now ;)

I love that this is a mom ‘n pop shop :) I love that their cupcakes blow me away EVERY time. The only thing that bums me out is the hours of operations. I work during their open hours and on my days off, I live 20 miles away :( Maybe they’ll have later hours in the near future :) Here’s to wishful thinking!

I can’t recommend this place enough. I love their cupcakes. If you go, can you pick me up a couple of them? Please?

Happy Eating!!!

[Review] Cake balls to die for

Valentina30 - Fullerton, CA -

Their Cupcakes are the best. I have gone in the bakery more then once and they have always been so nice and the cupcakes, and the cake balls are to die for. I love them so much that I had them make cupcakes for my little one’s 1st birthday and I am so happy that I did. They where the talk of the party for days!! The best part is Ms.Patty herself!! She is so nice and warm that you leave feeling like you have known her for years. I recommend this place to everyone!!! I will be coming back as along as their doors stay open!!!

[Review] Blue Velvet with Raspberry Filling Cake

Lee Kaing - Corona, CA - via Facebook

Thank u patty cakes! The baby n mommy loved the delicious blue velvet with raspberry filling cake!!

[Review] CAKE BALLS….Oh My Goodness

Adriane - Fountain Valley, CA - via Yelp

“AMAZING CAKES and SWEETS!!!!!‎‎-  I was recently privileged enough to try Patty’s ‘CAKE BALLS’….oh my goodness. The most moist delicious cake with all different combination’s of chocolate and decorations. They were amazing, we had an entire plate and they were gone in SECONDS. A friend of ours who tried them is even contemplating having them served at her wedding. Cake balls aside, i’ve been lucky enough to taste a myriad of Patty’s baking (AND COOKING) over the years and it’s out of this world!!! She can make you anything you want and the cakes taste even 10 times better than they look. You will not be let down…GO PATTY CAKES OR GO HOME!!!‎”

[Review] Special Cupcakes For A Special Birthday

Alisa - Orange County, CA - via Google Reviews

“Saved the day!‎‎ – Patty’s Cakes came through for me at the last minute with a special birthday request. I had to order from a long distance (2000 miles away!) and Patty was so helpful in planning the surprise. The beautiful cupcakes were delivered on time and were delicious! Thank you, Patty Cakes, for helping to make my daughter’s day so special!”

[Review] His girlfriend’s birthday saved by last minute red velvet cupcakes

Jerome - Santa Ana - via Google Reviews

“Patty made me look like a hero – Last minute birthday situation… Super busy with work, almost forgot about the girlfriends birthday, remembered she loves Red Velvet cupcakes, and immediately searched for nearby, quality bakeries. After some research, found Patty’s and made the call. She ( Patty ) actually answered the phone. She is as sweet as her cakes, and she helped me deal with this last minute problem effortlessly. She was accommodating to my time frame and helped me make my deadline. She made me look like a hero. Thanks Patty”

(714) 525-8350 - 825 W. Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832
Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 10 am - 6 pm, Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm
Sunday: Closed. Wedding deliveries only - Monday: Closed.