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[Review] Beautiful looking black ribbon cake that tasted even better

Gloria C. - Santa Monica, CA - via Yelp

This was my first time trying Patty’s cakes, it was included in my package and to be honest I didn’t really care too much for the cake in the beginning. When I went to the the cake tasting and saw all the beautiful designs and tried all the different fillings I knew that the cake would be a big part of my wedding. My cake looked beautiful and it tasted even better, everybody loved it and they all wanted more. Thankfully we had a big piece left over which I had my mother in law take home and everybody ate cake for a week because it was that good. Thank you Patty’s cakes!


wedding cake black ribbon



[Review] 25th Wedding Anniversary cake!

Kathi - Fullerton, CA -

Patty and Phillip Gomez the owners of Patty’s Cakes in Fullerton are two of the nicest people. They provided our (three tier). It was the best cake ever ! We highly recommend Patty’s Cakes in Fullerton. Their cupcakes and cake balls are amazing.

[Review] I cant offer enough thanks to Patty’s Cakes!

Corey V. - Garden Grove, CA - via Yelp

I can’t offer enough thanks for Patty’s Cakes. Patty’s Cakes was extremely friendly,
helpful, and did an amazing, amazing, amazing job on my wedding cake. They are gay
friendly. They worked within my budget and created such a beautiful 3 tiered white
wedding cake. I still can’t believe how beautifully designed it was. There was not a
piece left, the entire guest ate the entire cake and raved about it. Hats off on doing
a wedding cake of my dreams. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my

Gorgeous pink wedding cakes

at 12:46 PM by

Wow, What amazing and beautiful wedding cakes.  Each cake designed differently, but all beautiful!

This amazing wedding cake is a 3 tier cake with flowers and other designs on the cake.

off white combed wedding cake

This wedding cake is gorgeous with amazing flowers on the cake.

wedding cake fresh flowers cake top

This wedding cake has wonderful designs on the cake with pillars.

wedding cake garlands and pearls classic

Gorgeous yellow wedding cakes

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These wedding cakes are fabulous!  Each cake hand made to perfection and taste amazing!

This yellow wedding cake has yellow ribbon on each tier with a beautiful cake topper on top!


This yellow wedding cake has gorgeous yellow roses all over the cake!  What a beautiful cake to have for you’re wedding.


[Review] Where to begin!

Malisa K. - Anaheim, CA - via Yelp

Where to begin?! Patty’s cake is by far the BEST!! I cannot even begin to describe my experience with them.

Patty’s cakes made the cake for my wedding back in January. I had a beautiful 3 tiered cake with glitter, bling and 3 delicious flavors. ( If I could have picked more, believe me, I would have) Patty was so sweet, kind and accommodating. I went in a couple of weeks before my wedding to bump up the size due to an increase in guest count. Patty was nice about it and reassured me that we didn’t have to go up another tier and she was right! The 3 tiers were more than enough for all the guests at my wedding.

Now, I’m usually NOT a cake person, but if I could have that cake everyday, I WOULD! It was so perfect!!!! It was light and fluffy, and didn’t have any of that fondant junk. I ate every bit of it. YUM.

I definitely would recommend Patty’s cakes to anyone who is looking for a any type of delicious desserts. They are nice, helpful, and very professional. Not to mention again, DELICIOUS! :)

Gorgeous 3 tier purple wedding cakes

at 11:55 AM by

Amazing is all i can say!  Each wedding cakes is beautiful and decorated to perfection for the bride and groom.

This beautiful wedding cakes has purple dots all around the cake with bling on all the boarders!  A fantastic looking cake.


This wedding cake is a simple wedding cake style but looks beautiful.


This wedding cake has beautiful purple flowers and gorgeous purple ribbon around each tier of the cake.


Amazing 3 tier simple wedding cake

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These cakes are absolutely beautiful and all designed to perfection!  Each cake hand made and created in a simple but gorgeous way.

This wedding cake is very simple but a beautiful cake!


This amazing wedding cake is very simple but looks fantastic.


This beautiful 2 tier wedding cake is simple with bling on the boarders of the cake.


Amazing and beautiful 3 tier wedding cakes

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Check out these fantastic 3 tier wedding cakes!  All so beautiful and made to perfection.

This amazing cake has beautiful succulents on them and is a beautiful looking cake!


This wedding cake has a beautiful decoration with gorgeous flowers all around the cake.


This wedding cake has beautiful and fantastic designs.  Simple but amazingly beautiful!


Amazing and beautiful 3 tier wedding cakes

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Wow!!!  What amazing and beautiful wedding cakes that are just out right delicious.  Each hand made to perfection.

This wedding cake is very beautiful and colorful with fantastic flowers all over the entire cake.


This beautiful wedding cake has a demask design that is amazing!


This gorgeous wedding cake has beautiful designs and tasted even better than it looks.


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