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Gorgeous pink wedding cakes

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Wow, What amazing and beautiful wedding cakes.  Each cake designed differently, but all beautiful!

This amazing wedding cake is a 3 tier cake with flowers and other designs on the cake.

off white combed wedding cake

This wedding cake is gorgeous with amazing flowers on the cake.

wedding cake fresh flowers cake top

This wedding cake has wonderful designs on the cake with pillars.

wedding cake garlands and pearls classic

[Review] Amazingly delicious!

Jessy L. - Corona, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Had my wedding cake for 3/22/14, not only was it beautiful, it was freaking delicious! I ordered enough for 250 guests, even though by the time we cut it we were well under 200, but there wasn’t a slice left! People kept getting seconds! I, myself, ate about three slices! Thank you so much for making my vision come true! The quote was beautiful, in the perfect shade of blue! You guys are amazing! I’m glad i found you! Everyone should At least do a consult with Patty, then you’ll realize that she is an expert at what she does!

Beautiful 3 tier cakes with flowers

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Check out these amazing 3 tier cakes with beautiful flowers!  Each hand made to perfection, and designed to perfection.

This wedding cake is gorgeous and is simple, but looks amazing.  Has colorful flowers as well.


This wedding cake has beautiful purple roses with amazing designs on the cake.


This wedding cake has amazing yellow roses with black ribbon on the boarders.  Finished off with a decorative cake topper!


Amazing simple 3 tier wedding cakes

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Wow these cakes are so amazing but so simple!  All 3 of these cakes are simple, but still very beautiful!

This beautiful cakes has a brown ribbon and has simple designs.  But still very beautiful!


This cake is simple, but had gorgeous succulents to make it look amazing!


This cake is wonderful but very simple.  Still great looking and even better tasting!


Beautiful 3 tier wedding cakes

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Check out these amazing cakes!  All 3 tier but all have different designs on them.  Great wedding cakes for any bride and groom!

This beautiful cake is a 3 tier wedding cake with fantastic blue dots and amazing all around designs.


This amazing cake is a 3 tier wedding cake that has beautiful flowers on the first 2 tiers and gorgeous other designs.


This gorgeous 3 tier wedding cake has beautiful flowers on the top tier with an amazing wood design on the boarders.


Beautiful damask wedding cakes

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Check out these beautiful 3 tier damask wedding cakes!  Beautiful cakes for any wedding.  A wonderful choice when choosing a cake for your wedding.

This 3 tier wedding cake has a beautiful damask design, with a gorgeous pink cake topper and a white and black base.

damask wedding cake

This 3 tier wedding cake has a damask design with a beautiful cake topper and a fantastic white and black base.

wedding cake damask

This cake is a 3 tier beautiful damask wedding cake that is black and red with a fantastic car cake topper.

wedding cake script back white red flowers

Wonderful 3 tier cakes

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Check out these amazing 3 tier cakes.  All beautiful and designed differently.  Amazing cakes to have for your wedding!

This cakes is a 3 tier wedding cake with a rustic design and with beautiful flowers surrounding the entire cake.

rustic wedding cake

This 3 tier wedding cake is also a beautiful rustic design with amazing flowers and succulents.

simple rustic wedding cake

This 3 tier wedding cake is a simple wedding cake that is beautiful.  Great for any wedding!

simple wedding cake

This 3 tier wedding cake is a fantastic simple cake with beautiful black ribbon on each tier.

simple white wedding cake

Amazing 3 tier birthday cake

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What an amazing 3 tier cake.  This cake is a pink 3 tier caked that is decorated to perfection.  Could be a great birthday cake for a sweet 16 birthday party also!

3 tier cakes