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[Review] Amazing cakes and cake balls

LilMsLottie - Los Angeles, California - 5 Star rating

Patty’s Cakes and Desserts is such a cute place! It’s small and really is only for ordering and taking out. There is one table to sit at inside the store. You should definitely go there and try their cake balls. They’re the best things on earth! They’re cake with a hard outer shell, usually made of chocolate. It’s a really cute place with very good cakes and cake balls.

Beautiful 3 tier wedding cakes

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Wow!  These wedding cakes are beautiful and all have amazing designs.  Each cake decorated to perfection for that specific wedding.

This beautiful wedding cake is 3 tier with as amazing rosette design.  Looks absolutely amazing!


This wedding cake is 3 tier and has bling ribbon on each tier with a gorgeous cake topper.


This wedding cake is a beach themed cake with shells and coral.  Fells like you are at the beach!


Amazing 3 tier pillar wedding cakes

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These amazing wedding cakes are 3 tier with pillars.  Each cake has it’s own very unique design to fulfill the needs of the bride and groom.

This beautiful wedding cake has hearts designs on it with flowers.  Great looking and great tasting!

wedding cake white cross hatch heart square

This unique 3 tier wedding cake has gorgeous shells and coral to give it that beach theme look.

wedding cake with sea shells

This gorgeous wedding cake has beautiful yellow roses with a fantastic cake topper for the top.

yellow blue wedding cake