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[Review] This is a wonderful place to visit.

Kristen R. - 5 Star rating via Yelp

This is a wonderful place to visit…the smiles, the smell of cupcakes and I can only imagine the birthday cakes.

[Review] The cake decoration was perfectly done.

Shannon Goodman - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

Since I am the cake baker in my house, my family usually scrambles at the last minute to find a good cake for my birthday. This year, my sister ordered a cake from Patty’s, and it was wonderful! Delicious, fluffy cake, light tasting buttercream, and perfectly sweet raspberry filling. The decoration was classically simple and perfectly done. It is definitely the best cake we’ve ever ordered! I will definitely order from Patty’s again.

Purple 2 tiered birthday cakes

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Check these cakes out!  2 tiered purple birthday cakes that have amazing creativity and decorations.  This cake is for any gender and age.

Purple 2 tiered birthday cakes skulls-birthday-cake-purple-black

Piano keys birthday cake

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Piano keys on a birthday cake?  Wow, how amazing.  A one of a kind piano keys sheet cake that is just amazing and will be the center of your party.  For children and adults of any age who love playing piano or listening to music.

piano keys birthday cake

mardi gras birthday cakes

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Check these mardi gras birthday cakes out!  Amazing birthday cakes that will blow your mind.  Great mardi gras designs on all cakes that give it an amazing look.

mardi gras cakes mardi-gras-birthday-cake mardi-gras-birthday-cake-2-tier-mask-purple

Dinosaur Birthday Cakes

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Wow!  Dinosaur birthday cakes with designs of dinosaurs on top.  For children and adults of any age who just love dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Birthday Cakes baby-dinosaur-birthday-cake birthday-cake-dinosaur dinosaur-birthday-cake-boy dinosuar-cake-round-rainbow

Balloon Birthday Cake

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Check this cake out!  A balloon cake with different colored balloons on top and different colored designs throughout the entire cake.  For children and adults of any age.  Who is ready to have a birthday party!!!

Balloon Birthday Cakes

Rock N Roll Birthday Cake

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Who is ready to rock n roll!  An amazing 2 tiered birthday cake for any age with amazing rock n roll designs throughout the entire cake.

Rock N Roll Birthday Cake