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[Review] Patty’s Cakes Wedding Cake is Simply the Best

John D. - Covina, CA - via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes was our choice for our wedding this past October 11th. They are one of 2 bakeries on the preferred vendor list for where we had our Wedding. We did try the other place, but Patty’s was simply better. It started with our tasting. This was done at Patty’s in Fullerton and our taste advisor served us multiple flavors as requested by us. Our final delicious choice came as a surprise to me: Lemon with Raspberry and Bavarian Cream filling. It beat out other yummy flavors. I like that our taste advisor talked to us about the possibility of multiple flavors for our cake. He pointed out that if we had multiple flavors; that approximately 1/3 of our guests would get one flavor, which meant that approximately 2/3 of our guests would be unable to have that flavor. So we decided to go with the 1 delicious Lemon flavor. My wife – then-fiancee- also returned and ordered the Batman-themed -Banana flavored- Groom cake. it was also super delicious and only devoured by Moi. You can see the deliciousness in the pictures, and you can also see the fate of the wedding cake that is not eaten at the reception. But fear not: we are enjoying the delicious remnants slowly but surely. If you need cake for an event or just because you need cake, you should go to Patty’s Cakes.

Beautiful 3 tier wedding cakes

at 1:14 PM by

Wow!!!  These amazing 3 tier wedding cakes are fantastic.  All have a different design but all look beautiful!

This amazing wedding cake has purple butter fly’s on the cake with beautiful dots.  A one of a kind cake!


This wedding cake has beautiful flowers on the top with amazing designs throughout the entire cake.


This wedding cake has beautiful sunflowers on it!  A beautiful and fantastic looking cake.


Gorgeous 3 tier simple wedding cakes

at 12:02 PM by

Wow, these 3 tier wedding cakes are gorgeous!  All with a very simple look, but also an amazing cake to have for your wedding.  Tastes even better than they look!

This 3 tier simple wedding cake is as simple as you can get.  Still beautiful but very simple.

nixon library wedding cake

This 3 tier simple wedding cakes is very simple but beautiful.  An amazing cake for any wedding.

rustic ruffles wedding cake

This 3 tier simple wedding cake is beautiful.  Sunflowers make this very beautiful cake stand out!

rustic wedding cake

Amazing pink wedding cakes

at 12:00 PM by

Amazing cakes!  These wedding cakes are beautiful and very pink.  For any bride who just cant resist pink!

This amazing 3 tier pink wedding cake is beautiful.  Pink ribbon and pink roses make the cake look fantastic!

round wedding cake

This 4 tier pink wedding cake is beautiful and has fantastic pink sunflowers on the cake to give it that amazing look!

wedding cake brownstone cafe

This amazing 4 tier wedding cake is simple, but has pink roses surrounding the entire cake to give it that amazing look!

pink red flowers wedding cake

Wonderful 3 tier cakes

at 5:00 PM by

Check out these amazing 3 tier cakes.  All beautiful and designed differently.  Amazing cakes to have for your wedding!

This cakes is a 3 tier wedding cake with a rustic design and with beautiful flowers surrounding the entire cake.

rustic wedding cake

This 3 tier wedding cake is also a beautiful rustic design with amazing flowers and succulents.

simple rustic wedding cake

This 3 tier wedding cake is a simple wedding cake that is beautiful.  Great for any wedding!

simple wedding cake

This 3 tier wedding cake is a fantastic simple cake with beautiful black ribbon on each tier.

simple white wedding cake

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